As a truly global, value-driven, customer-centric, fastest growing IoT technology firm, SLS provides innovative IoT solutions to clients across all types of Industry. Armed with ISO 9001:2015 certification, 300+ qualified IT professionals, and partnership with global technology leaders, we offer services in many sectors such as defence, energy, education, commercial and many more across the world. By offering a tangible IoT eco-system, we enable organizations to reduce time to market their products.


As a tangible eco-system of the Internet of Things, Nebulae simplifies the implementation of IoT solutions. We leverage our expertise of combining disparate hardware, software, cloud, and IP to address the core needs of the IoT. By creating a common interface among various devices through the most relevant and flexible middleware, Nebulae enables you to build a hybrid network for developing, managing and integrating a variety of IoT solutions. By keeping in mind user access rights, Nebulae ecosystem integrates multiple security layers seamlessly into network thus provides end-to-end security to the enterprises.

Nebulae provide an intelligent, secure and scalable framework, which enable IoT solution developers to develop their solution for delivering the business logic. Whether it is smart cities or smart health care or smart agriculture or smart manufacturing, Nebulae enables customized predictive maintenance and optimized solutions.


To offer a single universal IoT platform, which dismantles all the existing barriers of Communication protocol among all devices.


To provide heterogeneous, scalable and secured IoT solution, which connects anything with everything.