NebuLink Node, a broad-level component of Nebulae provides IPv6 internet connectivity for sensors, devices and other equipment.

NebuLink Node, pre-programming with Nebulae a self-configuring, self-healing and self-sustaining network, provides easy deployment of wireless sensor networks in dense and large areas with scalability and minimum maintenance costs. It also ensures the guaranteed data delivery even if the network paths are broken. The Nebulae architecture protects and recovers data against network dereliction or runtime failure.


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This Evaluation board is a convenient system designed to enable users to develop their specific use cases and make a complete working prototype.

It contains components that can be used to form a Zigbee or 6LoWPAN node based on Nebulae framework.

It demonstrates the ability to utilize one of the multiple energy sources to power a wireless sensor node containing the RF SoC module, multiple IOs, LEDs, Push Button, etc for specific needs.

Specifications :

  • Operating temperature : -10°C to +50°C
  • Operating humidity : Up to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions : 79mm x 45mm x 10mm (L x W x H)

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