The seamless exchange of data is not just key to the global economy. Public safety agencies can also benefit from improved information flows. Nebulae provides a key solution in the establishment of digital infrastructure for Smart Security in the city to protect against the crime.

Nebulae’s Long-range wireless network can help control and monitor thousands of places in one go.

Nebulae Nodes are integrated with various security and surveillance sensors for purposes of monitoring and controlling. With IP cameras installed Nebulae solution helps law enforcement agencies to monitor public areas, analyze patterns and track incidents and suspects, enabling quicker response to neutralize security threats. Data from security sensors available through the cloud can notify users for significant issues. Nebulae nodes enable the long-range connectivity to security devices to allow to communicate within a large area. Data sent out by accelerometer when used with NebuLink Node is smartly utilized for theft and motion detection.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Security and Public Safety

  • Location Monitoring of remote places
  • Automated incident detection and quicker response
  • Improved planning and resource allocation
  • Improved communications about incidents
  • Reduced crime rate