Rapid urbanization and growth of personalized vehicles along with a paucity of parking space has exacerbated parking problems in urban areas. Armed with smart parking technology, Nebulae improve the efficiency of parking operations and decongestant traffic in urban areas.

Nabulae’s smart parking solutions enable drivers to quickly find available parking space in urban areas.

By developing a smart parking system, Nebulae monitors parking space availability thus provides well-planned and convenience driven solution to drivers. After analyzing data collected from NebuLink magnetic sensors, Nebulae sends back the notification to the user’s smartphones via the navigation system and update the user regarding occupancy of a parking lot.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Parking

  • Provide information in real time regarding occupancy of a parking lot
  • Guide the user for a proper parking place and automatically generates parking token
  • Reduce waiting time at the parking lots
  • Optimize parking management tasks