An important element of power consumption worldwide is street lighting. India is no different. Smart Street Lights can save the problem of wastage of electricity on the streets during periods of inactivity. Nebulae aims in providing green technologies incorporated with Street Lights and making them smart enough to save energy and resources which signifies energy sustaination.

Nebulae LWPAN Network provides proven IoT connectivity to manufacturers of street light controllers and other smart city devices.

Nebulae enabled lights can send the real-time status of the street light to the cloud which is used for real-time control and management of street lights. On the basis of a Luminescence Sensor, the light intensity of street light can be adjusted as per the change in weather condition. NebuLink Node brightens the light on detecting vehicles (traffic) /persons and dims the light again on the distancing vehicle/pedestrian when interfaced with PIR sensor.

FEATURES of Nebulae in Smart Street Light

  • Thousands of street lights in a single network
  • Automated control of lights
  • Efficient use of energy resources
  • Easy fault/defect detection

BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Street Light

  • Lights can be controlled individually as well as in groups
  • Provides with schedule handling through the cloud
  • Guaranteed delivery of a message
  • Light intensity can be controlled as per the daytime automatically or manually using the dimmer feature
  • Dimmer feature to control the light intensity automatically or manually.