Today big cities around the world are facing a common problem, managing the city waste effectively. Nebulae offers perfect IoT solution for Waste Management which allows you to deploy waste management sensors with low-cost IoT network infrastructure in wide areas of the entire city. This solution aims to provide customers with real-time actionable data about garbage level, waste generation patterns and occupancy level of waste containers.

Nebulae integrated waste containers, gives real-time data and allows to trace routes more efficiently.

Nebulae’s temperature sensor alerts when dustbin temperature breaches the normal temperature range. It detects inflammable waste dumping and generates alerts to immediately evacuate the dustbin. By collecting and analyzing data from containers across the city, Nebulae can cut the cost of waste collection and incentivize recycling of municipal waste.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Waste Management

  • Intelligent monitoring solution
  • Logs continuous data from a sensor, provides a war room view of operations, track assets, make cost analysis and generates optimized routes.
  • Provide Alerts on container level for efficient handling of containers
  • Smart root prediction for collection, Collection time notifications