Water is a vital resource for life, and for the economy. Nowadays, one of the most serious challenges to solve is to manage the water scarcity. Integrating Nebulae technology in the water industry helps to make cities The Smart Cities, where managing water resources is done effectively and efficiently.

NebuLink Nodes provides real-time monitoring of water allowing authorities to manage water in urban and rural areas.

Nebulae water sensors are connected with Nebulae Nodes to give you data on quality of water. This solution measures parameters such as temperature, conductivity, Ph, dissolved oxygen, minerals etc and provides you with insights of water pollution levels. While data is being collected by Liquid Sensor, Nebulae determines the consumption of water of a particular area and aids in the proper distribution of water and avoids leakages.

FEATURES and BENEFITS of Nebulae in Smart Water Management

  • Remote monitoring of Water meter
  • Managing Water loss through Nebulae nodes
  • Water Quality Monitoring by integrating various sensors with Nebulae
  • Accurate consumption and forecasting of water use through NebuLink nodes
  • Water tank automation system to avoid overflow and wastage of water