Nebulae's IoT Platform Clubs Ease of Deployment, Interoperability and Efficiency

March 28, 2019

Nebulae's IoT Platform

Globally, the Internet of Things (IoT) is generating a great deal of buzz across industry verticals. As is the case with any fast-growing technology, some industries have been ahead of others in the adoption curve. Manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and healthcare are leading from the front, while others such as consumer electronics, automobiles, and retail are fast catching up.

At the customer level, while there is a macro-level understanding of IoT concepts, implementing and generating sustained value from it can prove to be a daunting task. This is where an IoT partner like Nebulae comes in with proven expertise in IoT deployment and implementation, and in connecting various IoT applications, thereby providing scalability and cost-effectiveness. Nebulae’s agile and futuristic IoT platform is designed to connect devices spread across multi-band networks and mediums. Diverse IoT verticals can be integrated on one single unified platform, enabling inter-operability and inter-portability.

Typical Issues Faced in the Absence of a Unified IoT Platform -

    • Conventionally, there is no communication within a network among its objects. These objects typically are embedded with electronics and transfer data within a network minus any human interaction. Despite being in the same network, there is no interoperability or inter-communication.
    • This situation further complicates when there are multiple networks. Typically, gateways and objects from different networks cannot interact between themselves as the mediums and properties differ. This, in turn, has a negative impact on the quality of the IoT solution provided, which falls short of being comprehensive.

How Does Nebulae Solve These Issues?

    • Nebulae’s IoT platform addresses these constraints by providing a common interface for devices at all levels. Using IETF standards, RPL, 6LoWPAN, IPV6 and ND6, it built Multi-band Mac layers that created portability and inter-operability between various devices. Here, NebuLink Node is the wireless device that facilitates scalable deployment of wireless sensor networks in large and dense areas, keeping the maintenance costs under control.
    • NebuLink Gateway integrates technologies and protocols with high security for networking, embedded control, sensing and easy manageability on which application software can run. Importantly, it comes with a unique feature where it provides hybrid network management and message transfer between networks. This facilitates easy communication between sensor nodes from two or more different frameworks to communicate directly without the need for any cloud intervention.
    • Through NebuLink Middleware one can connect, operate and automate various IoT devices on a single platform. In addition to ensuring a high level of scalability, it offers a whole range of features such as failure proof connectivity, data consistency, device interoperability, and security by managing the entire communication across connected devices.
    • Through NebuLink FOTA, Nebulae ensures that the security in the Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) and peripheral connections are robust and foolproof.

Nebulae’s IoT solutions can be deployed in industries as diverse as agriculture, healthcare, education, and manufacturing among others. Take the case of smart cities – it integrates the information gathered from smart things across applications such as smart parking, traffic management, waste management, security, and public safety. 

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